Sales Director / Keyaccount Manager Turkey

Jobs Fragrance
GC/MS Analyst / Analytical Perfumer Turkey
July 9, 2020


Sales Director / Keyaccount – Manager Turkey
for Fragrances

Areas of Experience:

 Minimum 5 years experience in Fragrance sales in the local ( Turkish ) and export markets
( like MEA )with Keyclient contacts

Expertise in leading sales teams

Key Job functions:

Analyze and control current or potential markets and competition
in order to implement action plans to share increases
Leading and expamding local and international sales teams
Coordinate his/her activities within the different teams

Main competences:

Entrepreneurship and highly result oriented
Developer with the CEO a local and global sales strategy
Dynamic with a feeling for new opportunities
Willingnes to travel


Turkish and English ( Arabique optional)

Starting Date:

at 01.09. 2020


Turkey / Istanbul



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