GC/MS Analyst / Analytical Perfumer Turkey

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Sales Manager Fragrances Middle East/Dubai
September 15, 2021
Jobs Fragrance
Sales Director / Keyaccount Manager Turkey
July 9, 2020


Analytical Perfumer – GCMS-Analyst
for Fragrances

Areas of Experience:

 Minimum 3 years experience in  GC / MS analyses (Agilent )
for Fragrances and Fragrance materials

Ability to transfer GC Analyses to perfumery formulas

Key Job functions:

To analyse raw materials and Fragrances on GC / MS
To maintain all nessecary steps in software and machinery
for Agilent technogolgies
Colaborate with internat teams and departments
like : FDM, Accountmanagement, Aplication and Perfumery

Main competences:

Expertise in Fragrance raw materials and their analytical Profiles


Turkish and English as an option

Starting Date:

at 01.09. 2020


Turkey / Istanbul



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